make-up house your face

I live in the folding house
(to be continued)

I live in the viewer

fostering architecture

you cannot enter the viewer small (climate)

sci-fi film 

A and B live in the two persons house 

Los Angeles models

dancers sleeping inside a building

statement house (temporary title) London

Felix inhabitant of the house with things behind

you choose a room in the greenhouse

where is the sexuality in the house

use less 
house, an unnecessary house

nucleus nucleus

statement house (temporary title) Los Angeles

empty seating area 

I live in the breathing house

I play I live in the no drama house

condensing no drama cinema into 


rooms to cut, description of a struggle

house with things behind

ballardian house

what will you do with your time in the ballardian two

the building is unfinshed, parts are replaced by words

Philothée Gaymard 
inhabitant of the Rietveld-Schröder house

inhabitant of the breathing house

musical sales 

I see through the cabin in Chicago

landscape house

temporary statement on the corniche

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Jean-Pascal Flavien