sci-fi film


Video, 7:45 min. 

The sci-fi film was shot around the viewer in Maricá, outside of Rio de Janeiro. It is a science fiction film that has no visi­ble human elements or factors, other than the viewer itself. Its time period could be that of a very remote past, or a dis­tant future. Some sequences are filmed as if the viewer were seen from a distance, but without being recognized, as if it were seen by an animal preoccupied only with its search for food. This animal could be a dinosaur or an evolu­tion of an electronic species in a far­ off future. Shot with a small digital photo camera, the red color of the building saturates the images. The red of the house intensifies the light and color adjustments of the camera. The soundtrack accen­tuates these effects, creating saturations, revealing the frame. The film is played in a loop. Each repetition is punc­tuated by red­tinted electronic noise, rather than the conven­tional black screen. The film is projected onto a wall, the room is not quite dark. Its sound is asymmetrical, as both speakers are located on the right side of the projection.