[photo] andrea rossetti

The nucleus is a point of departure for new architectures. It is an object containing potentially what a building will be. This dormant device offers an alternative to the genesis of a building by replacing the architectural model. The object holds on information in the form of structural and physical properties that can be then plotted as an architectural diagram, providing the essential structural and semantic features of a building to come. The attributes of the nucleus would grow in a subjective process, according to who will foster it, and depending on the environment in which it travels or settles. To each nucleus corresponds a plurality of architectures. It triggers an open-ended course; and beyond the building, it extends though the life and functions it suggests. In doing so, the nucleus eludes the operations of the model related to representation-fixity, hierarchy, homothety, or subjection. 

        In nucleus for a seam house, the seam that separates the blue and pink faces of the sweater is a starting point to find a form of equivalence in a daily life. This articulation is a concept of space. Two planes join along a line of separation that is not a boundary but an abstract and empty line where two worlds or two modes join. What consequences for a house? The same thing can be done with yarn passing through the sleeves. Or rolling the wool around the spool.

nucleus for a house with things (blue)

nucleus for a seam house (pink)