Los Angeles models

1999 – 2002

Los Angeles models is a series of forty-three models of architecture, mainly for houses, realized in Los Angeles from 1999 until 2002. Each models is a sort of notation or a script for a potential building or life. Each of them is put away in a labeled shoebox, which constitutes a second and third layer of notations, be it the style and word on the design of the shoebox and the sticker, which specifies the size, color, ideas involved in the house, accompanied by a small diagram. This display is drawing a parallel between fitting a shoe, walking in a city or in a landscape, and inhabiting a house, and live in a place.


ballardian two


Galerie Esther Schipper, Berlin

What will you do with youe time?

        Ballardian two is another Ballardian, a type of architecture that would belong to the fictional literary œuvre of J.G. Ballard without ever having been described within it. It could have been set more specifically in the short story The voices of time. 
        A house offers almost no protection from the heat outside. It amplifies it, slowing down the movement of its inhabitant, maybe until he or she comes to stall. It arranges the stones inside and outside its own space, possibly aligning them with the outdoor desert landscape.
        Most of the furniture are fixed, but a chair. A desert inside and a desert outside. The end is open on the landscape as a result as some kind of imaginary burst.

        The model is presented as part of a construction protocol︎.

[plans] moritz ganssauge
[photo] andrea rossetti