greenhouse - states of mind



in collaboration
Soft Baroque

In the exhibition room, a model of the greenhouse hangs on one wall, an OSB board against another and a lemon on the mantelpiece. The Greenhouse is a living space whose shape is that of a monolithic body from which four contiguous trees grow in the same direction. The origin of the name lies in this plant-like diagram. At the junction of each branch, a doorless opening leads to a room at the far end. The four openings on the plane of the same wall create a situation where, if one had to choose to proceed through one or other of these openings, there would be nothing to indicate or legitimize one choice over another. Choice becomes the form of this architecture.
     These three foreign objects - the lemon, the model and the board - are combined in a different way in the slide made possible by a virtual reality device. This time, the model is on the board, next to the lemon, in a wood that is itself oversized. The greenhouse is placed on a first floor of Plexiglas windows, laid out in a very spartan fashion. The lemon and the plank indicate the scale of the shrinkage. This new virtual arrangement can be visited by moving from room to room. Upstairs, the greenhouse is host to a collaboration and discussion with Soft Baroque. The English designers have arranged three of the four rooms at the back according to three states of mind: the trader, the anarchist and the idle person. There is the choice made by the situation given by the house and the choices made by each state of mind.