Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin

South London Gallery, London

Without drama, that is to say without gravity or seriousness, only acts and actions. And for many of them, a film, a laconic microfilm curtailed by the end of the action it documents. The films are not edited; they appear and disappear, not necessarily in the same place each time. These projections (one in the house, three onto its exterior walls) produce a form of cinema that condenses itself: Cinonema for no drama cinema. These projections fold the house into itself, turning it into a screen, a projector, and into the protagonist of its own film. Meanwhile, the public unconsciously mimics gestures that appear in the films.
        Cinonema was conceived as a dual event, which took place both at the house and at the South London Gallery. By being linked to an institution, the Berlin house projects itself onto another space, on its interior, its exterior, and
its furniture.