of the breathing house

An inhabitant is an art format, like the house or the exhibition. He or she travels between them, he or she is a go-between, a messenger. The inhabitant acts as a transient marker for those physical spaces.

[photo] studioflavien
[photo] andrea rossetti

Ulli Kasas is the inhabitant of the breathing house. Acting as a link between two spaces, she is the go-between the house where she lived for a week and the exhibition space of the Galerie Esther Schipper, which she visited regularly as part of the exhibition days, between placing and displacing. She would give the public an account of her presence in Parc Saint Léger, emphasizing on details insignificant to most visitors of the house, such as the cracks in the floor, the spider on the wall. Details, which she said, made the house slip from fiction into reality. She refered to her travels through the building and between cities.
        Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski designed two dresses and a bag for Ulli with Yuske Okabe doing the tailoring. One dress was blue, in the breathing house. The other was white, in the exhibition. The displacement induced the color to fade and disappear.
        In the exhibition space she was a visitor among other kinds of visitors.