greenhouse - sexuality line


Solo House
Matarraña, Spain

in progress

a sexuality line crosses the house         sexuality has too broad of a meaning           it often remains general           it alludes to sex gender reproduction         and so on        not a precise contour          makes it easy to elude          uneasy to displace          what is the sexuality of a house          and of this house         do all water connections put together make the sexuality of the building            maybe not           the walls making rooms hiding things have to do with our sexuality inside of the house            does bathing in the morning have to do with sexuality           maybe yes          ask yourself         forgetting it is a good part of it             we do separate eating and shitting although the second is the end of a process starting with the first            from one to the other           there is a line             invisible         in a house there are rooms without sexuality          is that so          where is my shame in the space       is pleasure everywhere or somewhere      what is the look of sexuality        does it materialize       in the house sexuality is made out of things that are not sexual           how can something that is made by other things be visible for itself          sexuality is crossing the walls in connection to the water line          I draft a line in the middle         there are two gogo showers in the line          to shower and to dance at the same time          to shower and put up a show of yourself          hidden and public and visible with multiple gradients        so many forms of sexuality hold on the line       one of the house       one of the sink and more        not in opposition but by degrees and by crossing         where will I stand         I feel I am a cursor on this strip          I stop at any place on the line        sexuality is crossing the walls in connection to the water line         the ground floor has the shape of a transparent star        it could have been otherwise         the house sits in the valley outside         I walk        I walk on the nearby hillside           I see the house from above           it is an open floor plan          the second floor is an imprint a large patio all over          the structure sitting on top is called a greenhouse          because it parts like a plant          it underlines the choice of facing four entries and four corridors and having to chose one            to decide on a room as a destination           a dramatic pick         and again sexuality is crossing the walls in connection to the water line           vertically matching the line below             it is by chance that one sink rests outside the wall

[graphic] betsy clifton
[photo] studio flavien
[render] studio flavien