statement house (temporary title)


1201 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles 

Gallery Kayne Griffin Corcoran

[photo] studio flavien
[photo] Robert Wedemeyer

The second iteration (the first one was at RCA in London︎︎︎) of statement house (temporary title) was pink. It was located in the adjacent courtyard of the gallery, accaompanied by hanging ‘plans’ (cutout floorplans of the house). This house includes in its design elements that indicate its flexibility, such as a circular indentation in the floor marking where the bathroom could have been. The hanging ‘plans’ – each slight variations of the structure’s present configuration – as well as cutouts and truncated corners (geometrical remnants of these failed plans) are also present in the space. These document the process of the house’s making: what it is, what it might have been, and what it can still become.
     The statement house (temporary title) is tied to the ideas of a reversible language, back and forth from the written form to the sapatial and architectural form. These variables of potential are the framework for the written component to the project. In addition to its physical presence, the statement house also occupies a digital arena on social media. Twitter accounts are managed by writers interacting with and creating the life of the house. In Los Angeles, two screenwriters, David L. Brundige and Max Kopelowicz, were invited to script the daily activities of the house, each on separate twitter accounts. Brundige and Kopelowicz take the position of writers and inhabitant and in the scripts, the house will shift between protagonist and sight of action. The house conceptually assumes the writing platform’s – twitter, poetry, script – architectural plan.

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