two persons house

2010 – 2011

332 –      – 342 Rua Dr. Francisco Figueiredo Barreto,
05027-020 São Paulo

The two persons house was produced upon invitation by Capacete for the São Paulo Art Biennial in 2010. It was built in Carla Zaccagnini’s garden. Two Devonian Press books were produced to accompany this project, as well as a set of written dialogues, filmed dialogues, and installations of objects and furniture that were exhibited independently. For one week in 2011, I lived in the house with Helmut Batista. We invited guests for dinner every night.
        The two persons house is a house for two persons: person A and person B. The space between the two persons, which is also the space of their dialogue, constructs the space of the house. Each space more or less covers the other. As a result, the space fragments itself into a multitude of cubes and mobile objects. These cubes shape the living space and insert themselves between the two persons. Each color — A’s color and B’s color — marks a chain of elements that includes the building, the seats, the beds, the bigger cubes as well as the smaller ones that fit into a pocket and are then lost. When the cubes are in my pocket, “I have my house in my pocket.” If I lose the cubes, “I’ve lost the house.” A and B modify one another’s spaces by speech, by conversation, by dialogue, and materially by displacing the cubes: displacing a word in a phrase or a cube in the house, replying to the other or obstructing a red window with a blue cube.
        The house has two facades. Each gives out onto the part of the garden that it occupies and cuts it in half. The address of the house is the interval between two street numbers: 332 and 342.

A  can you be him ?

B  not at all

A  can you be me ?

B  not by any means ! … no !

A  watch out !