covert the house into an mp3 reccording


Edition Morepublishers, Bruxelles


Performance Art Geneve

Performance Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

Arrangement of the lengths and colors of the statement house as notes in time (for piano six hands) is the offspring of the statement house (temporary title), which was built at the Royal College of Art in London in 2015.  The piece of music written in collaboration with Augustin Maurs was triggered by one of Tan Lin’s tweet feed:

"Covert the house into an MP3 recording”
        It was published in the form of CD inside a truncated single cover with a set of business card by Morepublishers in Bruxelles.
        The piano work is written for six players each hiting a single key at a given interval. It  was performed as part of a series if musical performances directed by Augustin Maurs in Art Geneve and at the Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin, in 2016.