house with things behind


Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg

The house with things behind includes a storage space behind the light blue facade. In the book laying on the shelf accompanying the work short story house, I wrote only one short story︎ in which, the friends Alexis and Baku live in front and behind the house respectively: one is concerned with maintaining the facade and the outdoor area —revelling in the sky-blue and the sun – whilst the other spends his time sorting out and lending form to the things in storage and behind the house. Both are occupied with the upkeep of the house, which gives each of them a particular function, and divides their movement radius into ‘in front’ and ‘behind’. They interact with the house and are simultaneously actors in the production of the space of the house.
        The outcome for the person who lives in the forepart of the edifice is that he or she ends up dealing with a pile that takes up space similarly to the way one has to accommodate with his or her subconscious self. There, there is not much to negotiate, but the making and the arranging of an interstice big enough for one to breathe, and have a life.
        Two motions led the way things took shape in and around this house: piling and rolling. If the first gesture characterizes the hypothetical presence of the person from the back, the second became the formal motto for many arrangements of the inhabitant of the front. The bed, the towels, the tent/comforter/jacket, the plastic foil on the floor (floor dispenser) are rolled and rolled out. 
        The house was standing in the Heidelberger Kunsverein︎ for the time of an exhibition.